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Cut & Cook

Trent Wildman AKA Cutloose has been regarded as one of the leaders in the genre bending, mash up styles of Dj'ing since 2005.

His non stop party energy continues to excite and wow audiences and dance floors across Australia.  A turntablist at heart' his DJ sets are a blend of R&B, EDM, Disco and Trap and everything in-between.

Recently his foray into food has created Cut & Cook.  A perfect blend of Food and Music.  

"Cut & Cook" is a DJ Cooking show that provides the excitement of DJ'ing and flavours of Cooking at the same time, resulting in a delicious feast for your ears, eyes and mouth.  

MTV has picked up on the success of Cut & Cook and recently finished a mini series of cooking episodes.  Along with Sponsorships from Red Bull, Sailor Jerry and clothing label Zanerobe,  Cut & Cook is going International.  With Vietnam and Japan episodes wrapped.

Be sure to keep up to date with all of Trent's Culinary and musical adventures on his Instagram and Facebook page.

A truly one of a kind experience